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Former Sebastian Bach Drummer Mark ‘Bam Bam’ McConnell Dies

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There’s sad news to report as onetime Sebastian Bach touring drummer Mark ‘Bam Bam’ McConnell passed today (May 24).

Bach himself alerted fans that McConnell was in ill health yesterday, asking his fans to pray for the stickman. Another McConnell associate had informed fans that the drummer’s liver and kidneys had begun to shut down and that he had suffered partial brain damage.

McConnell’s wife Rikki paid tribute to the musician in a Facebook posting. She stated, “My sweet, beautiful best friend and husband. I miss you so much and so do Sara and Patch. I’ll take good care of them. My time with you was way too short, but what an adventure! Wow! I’ll love you always and always! You’ll be in my heart!!! Xoxoxoxox.” The drummer reportedly passed at 9:42AM ET this morning (May 24) surrounded by his family and friends.

McConnell was part of Bach’s touring band from 1997 through 2005, and also played with the group Blackfoot in 2006 and 2007. Tributes from friends, family and peers have been left at the drummer’s
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