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fukk nfl

Stoned_CatzStoned_Catz Posts: 27,801 jayfacer
fukkit i used to watch football to forget about the world... now nfl wants to intergrate football with the world makin stupid statements... first it was stupid 911 and vetrens bullshit... if they cared so much y is thete a billion homeless vetrens... then pink month fukk pink month

fukk it this proly the last year i even giv a shit about nfl and thats proly cuz i want to kill u all in fantast fb


  • Stoned_CatzStoned_Catz Posts: 27,801 jayfacer
    edited September 2016
    turn on game day nfl network yeah lets talk footballl

    oh look AJ Green had a lil nappyhead baby... who fukkin cares... wuts that got to do with footballl ... then oh no niggas rioting in Charlotte so wuts new niggas burn down their own neighborhood everyfukkin day... finally football news... but my head is full of stupid shit they put there earlier how can i care about football when niggas are looting their local CVS of opiods
  • GaryGary Posts: 12,184 salt miner
    It's the team owners fault...they need to reel these pricks in and let them know they are their employees and you work for them. You wanna make a statement..that's fine but don't do it on their platform...Go downtown to your local streets and make it....Then no one will give a shit and it will stop....

  • Stoned_CatzStoned_Catz Posts: 27,801 jayfacer
    ya but.... nfl has become so popular with mainstream fhaggots n of corse they like to ruin shit with their idealisms ... then politicians get involved tryin to tame their population by preaching through football players oh ure a fukkin idol u should make a good example n stupid shit
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