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Fukk da Grammys

Stoned_CatzStoned_Catz Posts: 31,369 destroyer of motherfuckers
edited February 2017 in Debate & Discourse
man i knew who Jethro Tull was... payed no mind to them ... dudez now i realized after going tonight and revisiting the band on utube that there that fukkin aqualung wierd ass band with their most popular song about a fukkin pedophile child molester.. 

no respect for Metal music at all... fukk them hipicrit grammy motherfukkers whatever dude...

aint nothin to it, Gangsta Rap made me do it...

UPfreebird said:
MU is pointless without Catz


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Fukk da Grammys 0 votes

Fukk Grammys
I like the Grammys but um ghay it goes with the territory
givz ah fukk
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