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Deafheaven ruined metal


  • OPPOPP Posts: 48,154 spicy boy
    what a silly willy.

    one small band that achieved medium status ruins an entire transgenerational phenomenon for him.

    nigga plz... if anybody ruined metal its whatever happened between metalcore's peak and the emo-ized metalcore invasion.
  • MetalCrusadesMetalCrusades Posts: 43,549 moneytalker
    In a sense he's right. Deafheaven made metal cool with hipsters. And hipsters ruin everything. 
  • BURNING_CHURCHESBURNING_CHURCHES Posts: 23,370 moneytalker
    I had no idea about the Ray-Ban commercials lol. That guy is def of my generation. I know he's seeing a fuckton of snotty hipsters at fests and this is an allergic reaction to it. All this sellout shit, letting your songs be in commercials stuff, makes my skin crawl. It's looked at significantly different now, but I see where he's coming from
  • RutabagaRutabaga Posts: 28,431 spicy boy
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