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  • Re: Say Something Random (NSFW)

    At this mexican restaurant, things got weird. They were doing karaoke at first, which turned into the Limbo, which then proceeded into a train-dance. And a few minutes ago this drunk as fuck girl took her shirt off to dance, which led her assumingly boyfriend to threaten to fight these 3 guys and girl who whistled at her. They are now outside screaming at the top of their lungs at each other. 
  • Re: Friday the 13th - Halloween 2017

    Been doing the 31 films thing as well. Tonight is 30 Days Of Night. 
  • Re: New Star Wars Movie Thread (The Last Jedi)

    I think Snoke is Darth Nihilus. I think Rey is completely unrelated to the Skywalker/Kenobi bloodline, which is why Luke takes such fascination to her (although she may be Solo descent(Kylo's sister?). All other Jedi were supposedly extinct. Luke will deal with the battle between good and evil, and will either be killed saving everyone, or kill someone critically important. The film will end with Kylo suicide bombing the head fleet, which will kill Leia and at least one other important character (rule of thumb for SW, second film always ends grimly). 
  • Re: New Star Wars Movie Thread (The Last Jedi)

    After all this thinking, and reading into a particular fan theory, I rewatched the trailer...and it clicked. Rey will turn to the dark side at the end of the film, I think. Snoke tells her "fulfill your destiny" when she likely disobeys Luke to seek out Snoke and take on the First Order. She says "I need someone to show me my place in all of this", as Kylo reaches out his hand. And we already know Kylo wants nothing more than Snoke's approval. I think in the 3rd film she may turn on Snoke, but I think she'll grapple with the dark side in the end of the second film. I think she'll fall under Snoke's manipulation and end up killing Luke. Luke tells her "I've seen this power before and it didn't frighten me then, but it does now", which I think is a reference to Kylo previously seeking out Luke to train him, in which he is found by Snoke after Luke refuses him. He likely refuses to teach Rey as he is terrified of what Snoke may use her for (referencing how Yoda refused to train Luke after what happened with Anakin)
  • Re: What are you listening to right now?

    Black Sabbath - The Wizard