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  • Re: The Concert Review Thread

    Enslaved/Wolves in the Throne Room/Myrkur/Khemmis - The Royale, Boston MA - 2/16

    First real show of the year, since BLS/COC/Red Fang was a last minute show and I got cocked. Royale is a good venue for sound and fair pricing but everything else about it sucks. They book metal shows on saturday nights before opening up as a nightclub at 9:30pm sharp, and the headlining band is always under the impression they have until 9:30 to play. As a result Enslaved had to cut Convoys to Nothingness and The River's Mouth from their already shorter set, and Grutle commented on it at one point.

    My friend drove so I smoked the ride into Boston, and I was pretty goddamn lit by the time we got to the venue. We missed the beginning of Khemmis, but it wasn't crowded yet so I had no problem getting up close to the stage. I like these guys on record, so I figured it would be a good show. I was wrong. Two songs went by beautifully, and then the singer came over to do a guitar solo in my face. It was the worst solo I've ever seen. Also, their lead guitarist looks like a Dimebag impersonator. 

    Went to get a shirt and a beer, then found a couch to sit on by the stage until Wolves. God bless nightclubs. 

    Myrkur played. Main singer chick has an ass for days. I want it on my face. They blow, though. Constantly layered prerecorded vocals with her live singing, sloppy instrumentation, gimmicky outfits. It's Huntress for black metal fans.

    Wolves in the Throne Room were fucking great. Mixing was some of the best I've ever seen at a metal show, and they fucking smudged the crowd before their set. Might be cultural appropriation, but fuck it. Vibes all around. Honestly have no idea what their set was other than Born From the Serpent's Eye, but it all ripped. Their drummer is phenomenal.

    And of course Enslaved killed it. I feel like they're one of the few bands from their scene that allow themselves to look like they're actually having a good time on stage. Storm Son and Sacred Horse both translated very well live, and finally seeing Roots of the Mountain was great as well. To be honest I hadn't listened to Vetrarnott entirely through before, but it also killed live. Mixing was just as perfect as during Wolves.

    All in all a great show. Sucks that I finally got to see Enslaved headline and the set was the same length as the two support shows I already saw from them, but it is what it is.
    Khemmis: 6/10
    Myrkur: 4/10
    Wolves in the Throne Room: 9/10
    Enslaved: 9/10
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    Slayer ticket
  • Re: What are you listening to right now?

    Popplagio by Sigur Ros

    I use spotify premium to download the music offline on my phone
  • Re: What are you listening to right now?

    Hook, Line, and Sinker by Royal Blood