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  • Re: Say Something Random (NSFW)

    Just had a guy come into my work drunk and reeking of booze and clearly should not be driving. Dont get me wrong, I've dealt with my fair share of drunk people buying fireworks and to be honest seen them drive away and thought maybe I should of said or done something but never did.

    Well today I did and I feel like it was for all the right reasons. I was legit worried he was going to kill or hurt others or himself. So I called the PD with his license plate number and gave a description of him.... however I feel like dog shit now and keep second guessing if I should have done it. 
    Nah, good call. I'm sure you'd have felt worse of you hard about a crash that killed a family of five after the owner of the vehicle drunkly left a fireworks shop. 
  • Re: The McFuck Approach

    ... said:
    ... said:
    ... said:
    Right because women cant rape. Women never mentally, physically, or verbally abuse men. Never. They're perfect. Can never do wrong.
    No bullshit, who the fuck has actually said this
    Slap believes women are perfect angels and all men are pieces of shit 
    Feminists don't believe women are perfect or incapable of doing wrong. If anyone actually thinks that, that's not being a feminist. 
     Alright since no one will ask, I will. 

    Where did she touch you?

    Maybe look into what theyre actually preaching and not the face they put on for the mainstream. 
     But you're preaching about things they put on for the mainstream. You got it twisted, man. All the garbage your seeing about "feminists" wanting men to burn and die etc. Is what the mainstream is showing you because crazy sells. They're not going to show you the hard working and sane normal people who are fighting for this cause. They're gonna show you the crazy radicals like the media does with literally everything. 
  • Re: Feuds

    Its really lame. 
  • Re: Say Something Random (NSFW)

    Gary said:
    I lived there in 93 for a while..gets hot i know but i like it and i hate snow 
     Fuck that. Way to muggy. I love the first snowfall. 
  • Re: Craft beers

    Only one I haven't tried is Hallowed. Trooper and Trooper 666 are okay. Red and Black is the best one im