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Dime destroyer of motherfuckers


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    You post the dumbest shit

    i almost want a ff meme right now 
    At least FF hit one for every ten. Catz is like 1 for every 50
  • Re: The MCU Discussion and Spoiler Thread

    It definitely wasn't a bad movie by any means. Just not a great one. 
  • Re: The MCU Discussion and Spoiler Thread

    Overall, Spider-Man 2>Spider-Man>Amazing Spider-Man=Spider-Man Homecoming>Spider-Man 3>Amazing Spider-Man 2. 
  • Re: The MCU Discussion and Spoiler Thread

    I have mixed feelings. Im almost with MC. I thought the characters/acting were great. Holland killed the role and just was great overall. Aunt Bae was fine too. She played it well enough. Vulture was pretty sick as well. I guess more of my problems were with the execution of the story. There seemed to be alot of dicking around and honestly, even though Tony's role was way smaller than I thought it would be, the Iron Man Deus ex machina annoyed the crap out of me. I loved the ship scene until Iron Man arrived. I feel like it would have been so much better for the ship to have sank and Peter learned this on his own, rather than Iron Man bailing him out. The speech Tony gave following that scene was great, it was just the fact that Iron Man showed up to save him that couple of times that annoyed me. I also didn't really see much of a chemistry between Peter and Vulture. I love Keaton and the twist of him being Liz' dad was something I legitimately didn't see coming, but he ultimately went down due to a malfunction and I thought we were definitely lacking a big end fight. The action was okay, but nothing in that department ever really came out and impressed me all that much. Flash was pretty stupid as well. I loved the Easter eggs on it though and tbh I wasn't dissatisfied with the reveal of Pepper at the end. Lol'd when Happy said he'd been holding onto the ring since 08. The M.J. reveal was pretty awkward and clunky. I think my biggest hang up was how high tech the suit was. I know it was made by Stark and I'm not a huge comic reader so I don't know if that's how his suit was at one point, but I always saw Spidey as relatively low tech and the suit being basically a mini Iron Man suit kinda irked me. The ending was brilliant though =)) so much better than a cheesy "Who am I? I'm Spider-Man" ending. The troll end credits scene was funny too. Like I said, Holland was amazing and we got some nice fleshed out characters and some cool effects, but overall definitely not a jaw dropping or amazing movie. Still solid though. 6.5/10