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Dime destroyer of motherfuckers


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  • Re: Upcoming shows thread

    for real though who are literally any of those bands?
     Damn when Slap says this you know it's bad. 
  • Re: The McFuck Approach

    If you were fine with it, you wouldn't bring it up as often as you do. 
  • Re: Presidential Politics

    slap said:
    Dime said:
    Yeah, no fucking shit. I stated that before. I'm not sucking his dick and claiming he's perfect. I'm perfectly aware and have fully acknowledged that he's caused alot Of division. My whole point was people adding on to that and causing even more when we as a whole, as a country, should be trying to unite and fight this together. Sue me, I don't think more division is going to help. That's the only thing I've been trying to make a point of. I think it's bullshit. And your claim of already knowing the type of person someone is if they voted for Trump is also bullshit. You don't know anyone until you've sat down and personally talked to them. Fuck off with that. Of course there are stereotypes and clichés that blanket a certain amount of people who did vote for him, but not everyone is like that and generalizing people in that way is an idiotic way to group others together. 
    i'm confused. how are we supposed to unite as country to fight trump by not telling people who support trump that their actions aren't cool? like what? If I'm pointing out a problem, that's not division, that's pointing out a problem lol. 
     Again, your twisting up what I said. So to just reiterate in one statement; I don't care if an artist comes out and says they don't like Trump. 0. They're entitled to an opinion. I don't care if and artist comes out and says Fuck Trump. Again, entitled to an opinion. No, I don't think pointing out a problem is division. What is division though is saying "If you like Trump Fuck You you're not on my side I'm drawing a line." That's division. That can't be argued. And more division is the last thing we need. 
  • Re: Presidential Politics

    Don't twist your shit around to make it seems like I'm supporting any of that and don't even bother telling me that if I voted Trump than I do support white supremacy, racism etc because I'll call bullshit and I do not. Its free speech and the artists can say whatever they want, but I will stand behind the opinion that it's bullshit to tell a huge chunk of people that they aren't allowed to like you or attend your shows. Yes, obviously it doesn't stop Trump supporters from buying the music or going to the shows, but why should someone feel hated and outcast for it who is just trying to enjoy music? You obviously understand what propaganda is. That's what people were getting at the start of the Trump campaign. Empty promises to make everything better because this country has had to deal with shit president after shit president for decades now (and no, I'm not discriminating, both Bushes can eat a dick). I've know quite a handful of people who voted Trump that regret it because it didn't pan out how they wanted. But even all that to the side, someone deserves to be hated for their vote? That's not totally dissimilar to prejudice. And let's be honest, someone preaching these things in a non-violent way is totally fine. More power to them. But are we going to pretend that someone like Eminem hardcore preaching this stuff isn't going to incite violence? 
  • Re: Presidential Politics

    See, that's a really shitty way of dividing people. And it's funny because one of the biggest problems in this country right now is that no one is united but people want to add on to that? I think it's ironic. Not everyone who voted for Trump agrees with everything he says/does. Half the people I know that votes for him only did so because they fully believe the other option was worse. But to tell someone they can't listen to your music, watch your TV show, breathe in your general direction etc because of who they voted for? That's bullshit. And it's going against everything they're preaching for. Meeting division with more division?