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  • Re: What are you listening to right now?

    Rock 'n' Roll by Led Zeppelin
  • Re: Marijuana.

    Happy  Birthday dude!
  • Re: What are you listening to right now?

    A National Acrobat by Black Sabbath
  • Re: What are you listening to right now?

    Guardians Of Asgard by Amon Amarth
  • Re: The Concert Review Thread

    Day 3 was probably my favorite. The performances were better overall and I enjoyed the earlier heavier portion of this show. Pits were insane. 

          -Eh. I saw then on Mayhem 2015 and they were fun. They were nothing special this time around. I could've skipped and missed nothing, really. 

          1.) X
          2.) Demons In The Dirt 
         3.) Moth 
         4.) Human 
         5.) Cradle Of Bones
         6.) I Don't Care Anymore (Cover)
         7.) Hellyeah

    Amon Amarth 
            -Fucking hell \m/ first time seeing these guys and they easily stole the entire fucking weekend for me. They were incredible. If the cartoon characters in Metalocalypse came to life, it would be this band lol seriously though, their stage presence was fucking mighty powerful. It really felt like we were being invaded by Vikings. It takes a special band to make a giant Viking ship and sword fights between guys in armor not look cheesy and they pulled it off magnificently. Loved every minute. Will def be looking more into them. 

           1.) The Pursuit Of Vikings 
           2.) As Loke Falls 
           3.) First Kill 
           4.) The Way Of Vikings 
           5.) Deciever Of The Gods 
           6.) Death In Fire 
           7.) Raise Your Horns 
           8.) Guardians Of Asgard
           9.) Twilight Of The Thunder God

    Lamb Of God 
    Yeah yeah I know how everyone feels about them now and I still give absolute 0. They still kill live. I love watching these guys perform. It's a treat every time, even though the set isn't always my favorite. I still had a blast during them. 

           1.) Laid To Rest 
           2.) Now You've Got Something To Die For
           3.) 512
           4.) Engage The Fear Machine 
           5.) Descending 
           6.) Ruin 
           7.) Blackened The Cursed Sun 
           8.) Still Echoes 
           9.) Walk With Me In Hell 
           10.) Redneck 

    Stone Sour 
            -They were pretty cool live. First time seeing them. I really don't have much of an interest in this group but they put on a cool live show. Still don't understand why they were mainstage and Slayer was side but oh well. Left after Bother to go get a good pit spot for Slayer. 

           1.) Taipei Person/Allah Tea 
           2.) Made Of Scars 
           3.) Say You'll Haunt Me 
           4.) 30-30/150
           5.) Bother 
           6.) Tired 
           7.) Do Me A Favor 
           8.) Song #3
           9.) Through Glass 
          10.) Fabuless 

    These guys are not capable of putting on a bad show. That's why I love them and will always go see them live. It's always furious, intense and just a shot to the gut. Always always always soooo fucking good, man. This was my fifth time and I already can't wait for the next one. 

           1.) Repentless
           2.) Disciple 
           3.) Hate Worldwide 
           4.) War Ensemble 
           5.) Mandatory Suicide 
           6.) Born Of Fire 
           7.) Dead Skin Mask 
           8.) Seasons In The Abyss 
           9.) Hell Awaits 
          10.) South Of Heaven 
          11.) Raining Blood 
          12.) Chemical Warfare 
          13.) Angel Of Death 

    Ozzy Osbourne 
             -I finally get to check him off my list. Was worried I would never see his solo act. He sounded great and looked healthier than the last time I saw him with Sabbath. Zakk Wylde was shredding his ass off. It was an awesome show all round. Glad I got to scratch another one off my legends list 

           1.) Bark At The Moon 
           2.) Mr. Crowly 
           3.) I Don't Know 
           4.) Fairies Wear Boots 
           5.) Suicide Solution 
           6.) No More Tears 
           7.) War Pigs 
           8.) Drum Solo
           9.) Iron Man 
          10.) Shot In The Dark 
          11.) I Don't Want To Change The World 
          12.) Crazy Train 
          13.) Mama I'm Coming Home 
          14.) Paranoid

    I really enjoyed the last 3 days. It's the first time in a long time I've gotten to just relax and forget about bullshit. I really miss the Festival scene. I think what I missed most of all was just getting together with my buddies and hanging out all day listening to music we love. It was just an amazingly fun time and I can't wait to do it again next year.