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  • Re: New Star Wars Movie Thread (Solo: A Star Wars Story)

    Dime said:
    Okay so I saw Rogue One a little while ago for the first time and to get this out of the way before I launch into my rant...I did not like it but I didn't hate it. Truthfully I though Episode VII was better but I went with a buddy of mine who is also a huge Star Wars dork and he said Rogue One was better because it actually felt like a Star Wars movie. Here we go; this will CONTAIN ALOT OF SPOILERS

              -Not a single memorable one in the bunch Tbh. Like seriously they were all flat and one dimensional. The most interesting one was the blind guy and even then his character doesn't get much deeper than Jesus Freak (except ya know the force instead of Jesus). Also, the droid (K2?) was fucking annoying as hell holy Christ. I felt like I was watching a goddamn comedy half the time. So happy when he bit the laser bullet. 

       -Probably my biggest gripe here. More so over the feel of the movie. I can admit I'm a little biased because I know that they're going to steal the plans but not destroy the Death Star etc. etc. So I think overall I just wasn't hype because I knew how it would play out (before you point Episode I-III I actually watched Star Wars from Episode I-VI in that order because I was younger and my mama took me to see episode I and I was oblivious to any other movies existing at the time). So naturally I wasn't too hype. 

           -My biggest problem is that this didn't feel like a Star Wars movie. This was why I was scared of Disney taking hold of it. They're going to be squeezing every last drop of unique out of this franchise eventually and it starts here. Obviously we have our characters who are unique (duh Vader) but I feel like this could have been any space movie. It felt like Disney wanted to make a Star Wars movie but lost the rights at the last minute and made a bad knock off; from the music to the setting and everything. You really could've subbed in any characters in here and it would have been the same movie. I didn't hate it but I felt nothing. It didn't have that magic of Star Wars at all and that's crushing to me. K2 belongs in Guardians Of The Galaxy that fucking droid was so annoying. I just wasn't invested in any of these characters at all. The first hour or so dragged so badly as well. I can honestly say I only enjoyed the last half hour or so. The cinematography is beautiful and it's a good battle scene but not much else. 

       -Basically the cameos. Carrie Fisher at the end was brilliant. I loved it. Same with Vader's end scene. Dont know why everyone was jizzing over his appearance, his first scene was nothing special. Dug Bail Organa's part as well but I think my favorite and most unexpected one was when they ran into those two bar flies from the Mos Eisley Cantina. That cracked me up =)) the movie looked nice as well. 

     Overall this didn't feel like a Star Wars movie. It didn't feel special or unique. It felt like an evil corporation pumping out a lazy pointless effort because they knew it would make money. I hope they do a better job with their other side shit. Now that my initial opinion and biases are out of the way, I'll be seeing it again Tuesday since I can approach it with a more open mind. 5/10. Just barely average. @MetalCrusades @NEWGOD @OPP @JLRedWing13 @Jobe @SATAN ;
     So I decided to prep for Last Jedi by rewatching VII and Rogue One. My opinion on VII is still pretty much the same but goddammit if I didn't really really enjoy Rogue One upon rewatching it. So the beginning is still a little draggy but that's only due to that rapid location jumps in the first half hour, however this movie looks so fucking beautiful I can forgive that. Some things still don't make a whole bunch of sense but like I said they play the overall story well enough. I used to hate almost all of the characters because I felt they were one dimensional and flat and honestly....this is still slightly true. While I don't hate them, not many are very interesting though I do like Jen. Another issue I picked was I felt the relationships weren't justified between characters (Biggy and Blind Guy for example) but re-watching I caught myself thinking...why the fuck do I care!? I love those two characters and they definitely made the movie imo, so I don't care how they met. They're not the strongest characters but I really liked their relationship. Now, the Battle scene at the end on the beaches of Scariff is what I like to refer to in newer films as the "Civil War Airport Scene" because it's FUCKING EPIC. The land battles, the vehicle battles, the space battles it made Star Wars feel like an actual war, man and that's something that's not felt in most of those movies. The way they sprinkle in the cameos is amazing and definitely alot less fan service than VII. I still do feel that the first Vader scene is pointless and cheesy but the second makes my dick rock solid. I still don't feel like this movie added anything. We didn't exactly get any new lore and because of the story line, the beauty of everyone dying at the end held no real weight because we know the outcome and the characters weren't fully engaging. It sent a good message sure, but there was no real tension. And finally, the CGI on Grand Moff was laughable and atrocious. He looked like a video game character in every scene and if they couldn't nail that, they really shouldn't have used him as much as they did. Leia was good though and still makes me sad. Overall, this movie went from a huge whopping meh to a pretty enjoyable experience if not just the slightest unnecessary. If they're gonna give us movies like this, a story line that's been beat to death, they need to world build. But anyway, the last hour of the movie is orgasmic, the cinematography is gorgeous and lush and the cameos are perfect. Original score I gave a 5/10 but it's easily a 7-7.5/10 for me now. Last Jedi :!!!!!
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    Yeah cuz I wanna take a lick 
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    Dear Christ you're lame sometimes 
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    Its really not. Our society has desensatized to the point virginity is feared and looked down upon. I for one dont want to experience that with anyone other than the person I end up with for the rest of my life. I dont want to be desensatized by promiscuity, and be intimately connected to multiple people at that level. It cheapens relationships for me. It reduces sex from something special with one person, to something you just do for fun with anybody willing. Its not for me.
     Have you ever read George Orwell's  1984? Nigga, you sound like an agent of the Thought Police. 
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    I enjoyed it thoroughly even without hallowed. 
     Agree, but that could be because I saw The Book Of Souls tour three times and twice was with Hallowed. Wrathchild tho ^:)^ I firmly nutted my pants