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  • Re: Say Something Random (NSFW)

    So I usually don't get all conspiracy theory whenever terrorist attacks happen because I understand that there are just some bad and fucked up people in the world, but the fact that all the Londen shit happened the day before they were about to vote on a bill to reduce police authority and presence is too much. Like come on. The prime minister was pushing that bill for so long and there just happened to be an attack the night before that happened? That seems to fishy to be a coincidence. 
  • Re: Presidential Politics

    Episode said:
    As much as it pleases me that it was a Trump supporter...this was the wrong thing to do. Jus gives more fuel towards a race war for the "Fuck Niggers" Trump supporters to take action on anything non-white. Plus the dude was apparently mentally handicapped. 
     Regardless of how you feel about Trump, it shouldn't please you that someone who voted for him gets tortured or beaten or abused. I despise Hilary but no one who voted for her should get beaten or tortured. That's just fucked up. 
  • Re: New Star Wars Movie Thread (The Last Jedi)

    Agreed. It contributed absolutely nothing. Thats just kind of what I felt watching it. Not a string liking or a strong dislike. Just nothing. 
  • Re: New Star Wars Movie Thread (The Last Jedi)

    Okay so I saw Rogue One a little while ago for the first time and to get this out of the way before I launch into my rant...I did not like it but I didn't hate it. Truthfully I though Episode VII was better but I went with a buddy of mine who is also a huge Star Wars dork and he said Rogue One was better because it actually felt like a Star Wars movie. Here we go; this will CONTAIN ALOT OF SPOILERS

              -Not a single memorable one in the bunch Tbh. Like seriously they were all flat and one dimensional. The most interesting one was the blind guy and even then his character doesn't get much deeper than Jesus Freak (except ya know the force instead of Jesus). Also, the droid (K2?) was fucking annoying as hell holy Christ. I felt like I was watching a goddamn comedy half the time. So happy when he bit the laser bullet. 

       -Probably my biggest gripe here. More so over the feel of the movie. I can admit I'm a little biased because I know that they're going to steal the plans but not destroy the Death Star etc. etc. So I think overall I just wasn't hype because I knew how it would play out (before you point Episode I-III I actually watched Star Wars from Episode I-VI in that order because I was younger and my mama took me to see episode I and I was oblivious to any other movies existing at the time). So naturally I wasn't too hype. 

           -My biggest problem is that this didn't feel like a Star Wars movie. This was why I was scared of Disney taking hold of it. They're going to be squeezing every last drop of unique out of this franchise eventually and it starts here. Obviously we have our characters who are unique (duh Vader) but I feel like this could have been any space movie. It felt like Disney wanted to make a Star Wars movie but lost the rights at the last minute and made a bad knock off; from the music to the setting and everything. You really could've subbed in any characters in here and it would have been the same movie. I didn't hate it but I felt nothing. It didn't have that magic of Star Wars at all and that's crushing to me. K2 belongs in Guardians Of The Galaxy that fucking droid was so annoying. I just wasn't invested in any of these characters at all. The first hour or so dragged so badly as well. I can honestly say I only enjoyed the last half hour or so. The cinematography is beautiful and it's a good battle scene but not much else. 

       -Basically the cameos. Carrie Fisher at the end was brilliant. I loved it. Same with Vader's end scene. Dont know why everyone was jizzing over his appearance, his first scene was nothing special. Dug Bail Organa's part as well but I think my favorite and most unexpected one was when they ran into those two bar flies from the Mos Eisley Cantina. That cracked me up =)) the movie looked nice as well. 

     Overall this didn't feel like a Star Wars movie. It didn't feel special or unique. It felt like an evil corporation pumping out a lazy pointless effort because they knew it would make money. I hope they do a better job with their other side shit. Now that my initial opinion and biases are out of the way, I'll be seeing it again Tuesday since I can approach it with a more open mind. 5/10. Just barely average. @MetalCrusades @NEWGOD @OPP @JLRedWing13 @Jobe @SATAN ;
  • Re: *Official* Best albums of 2016 thread.

    1.) Terminal Redux by Vektor 
    2.) For All Kings by Anthrax 
    3.) Dystopia by Megadeth 
    4.) Gore by Deftones 
    5.) The Serenity Of Suffering by Korn 
    6.) World Gone Mad by Suicidal Tendencies 
    7.) 13 Voices Sum 41
    8.) The Concrete Confessional By Hatebreed
    9.) The Stage by Avenged Sevenfold

    Bottom 3

    10.) Unden!able by Hellyeah 
    11.) Hardwired...To Self Destruct by Metallica
    12.) The Casket Factory by Blaze