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  • Re: New Star Wars Movie Thread (Solo: A Star Wars Story)

    I'm not gonna lie, MC does make some good points but who are you hearing call Force Awakens or Rogue one all time classics? No one is saying they're the best Star Wars movies. I myself think Force Awakens is good not great and I didn't care for Rogue One. But this is fucking Star Wars, a franchise I've held very near and dear to my heart since I was six years old. It's pretty much dictated everything I collected, watched and cared about for the majority of my life and continues to do so even if on a smaller scale. These movies re-ignited that spark and allowed Star Wars to be a major topic of discussion again. Sure, the movies are flawed but what I'm having trouble understanding is why you can't comprehend the benefits this has had on a new generation of kids and the benefits that have allowed the fan base to create and discuss and just bask in the glory of this series again. It's an awesome thing happening in the Star Wars community right now and you're missing it by being negative about every thing this franchise continues to bring us. 
  • Re: Shitty Memez n Dumb Shit thread sukkz GTFO! KYS

    I disagree. I'm by no means saying Trump is perfect. But I think we would have been way worse off with Hilary.
  • Re: The Concert Review Thread

    Don't know who Demon Hunter is. Watched a little bit of Behemoth from the Monster tent. I don't really care for them all that much tbh
  • Re: The Concert Review Thread

    Never heard of em.
  • Re: Say Something Random (NSFW)

    So I usually don't get all conspiracy theory whenever terrorist attacks happen because I understand that there are just some bad and fucked up people in the world, but the fact that all the Londen shit happened the day before they were about to vote on a bill to reduce police authority and presence is too much. Like come on. The prime minister was pushing that bill for so long and there just happened to be an attack the night before that happened? That seems to fishy to be a coincidence.