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  • Re: Presidential Politics

    I'm not fully coming back yet... I just wanted to pop in and say I am absolutely sick to my stomach right now. This week has been absolutely abysmal, and its weighing very heavily on my mental state. I wanted to take a break from the site thinking that stepping away from the arguments for a while would help me, but it fucking isn't. Im more depressed than I've ever been. So much so that I dont even feel sad anymore. I feel no hope. No excitement towards achieving or attempting to fulfill my dreams. No incentive to "do" anything with my life. I feel nothing but emptiness and anger, constantly going from an emotionless zombie skating through my day to a raging lunatic praying for our species to die. I've become misanthropic, hateful, bitter, nihilistic. 

    Climate change just gets worse every day. Scientists are predicting our species will die out in around 70 years. Our children wont be able to live long enough to have rich and fulfilling lives. 

    Nuclear annihilation is closest to a real threat its ever been and our leader is treating it like a dick measuring contest. Its juvenile and embarrassing. How the fuck can two country leaders so nonchalantly discuss the obliteration of billions of people? Its sickening. 

    Then we had the whole Google fiasco and these tech business made it abundantly clear that free speech and diverse thought no longer have a place in our society, especially on the internet and social media. And these companies have their fucking tentacles in every facet of tech and entertainment today. Taking a step back and looking at everything going on lately, its clear that "my side" lost whatever culture war I've been fighting the last couple years. Entertainment, education, tech, politics, and the majority of people in my generation all support ideologies I oppose, and there is no fixing that. I cant fight it anymore. Censorship won. Regression won. Identity politics won. Marxism won. Collectivism won. Science is now being deemed sexist, left to cherry pick to fit whatever narrative a collective hive mind is trying to weave. So I admit defeat, and will do my best to adjust to the new 1984 dystopian big brother thought policed new-speak androgynous future we are hurling ourselves towards. 

    And then today we have literal Nazis and literal commies fighting in the streets on U.S. soil. WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED? How did we let this fucking country, and our humanities spiral so out of control? People were straight up murdered today because we have hit the breaking point and can no longer overcome our disagreements. This is our fucking culture now. The accumulation of increasing extremes from both sides pushing eachother over the edge repeatedly and repeatedly to where we now have straight up racists and Marxists fighting for control of our country? What. The. Fuck? We've normalized fucking racism. All these protesters can fucking burn. They're fucking hypocritical, lying, racist fucking scum. 

    I am disgusted with this world and its people. We deserve every cataclysmic, apocalyptic outcome we have coming. Every upcoming war. Every natural disaster. Every nuclear catastrophe. And I hope it comes really quick, because I can't handle another year of this fucking bullshit. 

    slap said:
    Mc just salty he had one unsuccesful love interest so he projects all his insecurities as hate. Its easier to blame others for your problems instead grow up. 

    "I hate women because some people I know got fucked over emotionally by a woman" but as soon as somebody wants to blame the other side its "not all men". Men and women do shitty things. Literally saying you hate all women is the most childish, immature and straight up pathetic thing youve said here yet. Youre more angry about this than alex is. Calm down little fella. You need to talk to a damn therapist I'm saying that sincerely. Deep down we all know youre capable of being a good person but that kind of thinking is toxic and is only going to alienate you from chances at being a normal person, dude. Seek help. 
    Fuck you
  • Re: Say Something Random (NSFW)

    Ok next time I'm talking to a girl I'll ask her what she thinks of Slaughtered Vomit Dolls.
  • Re: Say Something Random (NSFW)

    First day working with the new girl and I already brought up Power Rangers. 
  • Re: The Concert Review Thread

    Dime said:
    Never heard of em.
    Christian metalcore band.