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  • Re: The McFuck Approach

    mrAPE said:
    Every gender, race, being has it in them to do wrong but for some reason some people like yourself like to pick one thing and stick with it instead of seeing the big picture. Wah a girl hurt your feelings once get the fuck over it. 
    Its not just me. Its the majority of my friends and family who have been cheated on by women. Its my friend who is stuck in a marriage with a manipulative and abusive wife. Its the hundreds of thousands of feminists in schools calling for the end of men on the daily. Its the overall amount of sluts I see when I go out. 

    I get it, Im just as bad with my hatred of women. And yet Im not joining a retarded movement, or starting a hashtag to expose female manipulation and abuse. Some individual women may have justifyable hatred of men. Just as I have justifyable hatred of women. But misandry and feminism is applauded and celebrated, whereas misogyny and red-pilling is criticized and labled evil. 

    Im sick of the double standard. 
  • Re: The McFuck Approach

    This Me Too shit has me so mad. Its been nothing but a misandrist campaign shitting on men and painting all men as evil rapists, masked behind the facade of bringing awareness to abuse. Its nothing more than another attempt by feminists to control women through fear and hatred. More division creating narrative driven ideological filth. 

    So fuck em. Give em what they want. A world without men intruding in on their life. Ignore them, dont talk to them, and certianly dont sleep with them. Let them enjoy their detatched Matriarchical dystopia. 
  • Re: The McFuck Approach

    Women universally hate and fear men. Its time to give feminists what they want and ignore them completely and simply coexist. We are no longer compatable. 

  • Re: The McFuck Approach

    Dudes at work all talking about how crazy their girlfriends are. I walk up. 
    "So you have a crazy girlfriend?"
    Me: "oh I dont date"
    Me: "I dont date."
    "Oh... well you dont have to worry about any of this. Stay that way"
  • Re: The McFuck Approach

    Case in point. 3D women arent capable of loving and appreciating you anyways.